Cryptologic Progressive Games – Games With Progressive Jackpots by Cryptologic

Cryptologic is a name with a long history in the online casino industry, and a firm with an interesting back story. The company was formed by two brothers, Andrew and Mark Rivkin, who were working on a way to handle online payments back in the mid-1990s. They did eventually succeed, but it was one of the by-products, a software system to run real money casino games over the internet, that really took off. Today, Cryptologic is based in Dublin, Ireland, and employs several hundred people. Its software powers online casinos in multiple countries, as well as online poker and bingo networks.

Millionaires Club is probably the flagship progressive slot for Cryptologic, and it's really two machines with a single theme: an old school, three reel, one line game and a modern version with more reels and paylines. Both of them utilize a dramatic bonus round that revolves around a series of wheels with prizes and arrows, with the progressive jackpot prize on one spot on the final wheel. Rags to Riches shares a similar theme but plays a little more into the idea of the transformative power of a big jackpot. There's also Shoot-O-Rama, which proves that less can be more: It has no wild or scatter symbols and just a single bonus game designed to simulate a dart game at an amusement park from days gone by. Despite that, it's proven to be extremely popular.

Cryptologic also has progressive video poker games called Super Jackpot in both 25-cent and $1 denominations. Table games are also represented in the form of Caribbean Poker, where a six-figure jackpot could be had for a royal flush, and Blackjack Progressive. The latter game is a basic eight-deck blackjack game enhanced by a bonus bet that can be played for just one credit. Acquiring aces is the aim, as any hand that stays under 21 with at least two aces in it wins some bonus money, and four aces win the progressive jackpot.

It's not hard to find online casinos running Cryptologic games, though many also operate games from other software providers. Some of the best known sites that offer primarily Cryptologic games are InterCasino, VIP Casino and Playboy Gaming. Other places to look for the company's progressive games include Littlewoods Casino, Casino Joy and Euro City Casino.