Gold Rally - Information About Gold Rally Progressive Slots

Platinum might be even more valuable, but for capturing the imagination, there's no metal quite as precious as gold. Gold Rally taps into that spirit with its gold mining theme, and it's lived up to the luster by paying out seven-digit progressive jackpots at multiple online casinos from 2009 on. Though the machine appears at first glance to be a three reel game, all nine squares on the playing field rotate independently, effectively making it a nine reel game. There are eight paylines with a maximum bet of two credits per line. The largest fixed payout is 500 times the line bet.

Gold Rally's standard symbols include items commonly associated with the 19th Century gold rush, including pick axes, pistols, lanterns and mine carts. Sticks of dynamite in all four corners activate the Gold Rally bonus round that takes the form of a map. Players choose and click on an 'X' on the map to win bonus amounts. But what is really desirable are scales, which serve as scatter symbols and can appear anywhere on the reels. Anyone turning up scales on all nine reels with the max bet played takes the progressive jackpot, which has reached totals of over two million credits on occasion.

That's partly due to the status that Gold Rally holds as one of the favorite Playtech progressive jackpot slots games. Betfair Casino, bet365 Casino, King Solomon's Casino, Omni Casino and Windows Casino make up just a fraction of the sites offering the game. It's not uncommon to see the progressive jackpot grow at 20,000 credits per day or 25,000 on especially busy dates. It's also pretty safe to say that while other progressive games may pack more bells and whistles, Gold Rally has proven that it has the same kind of staying power as the metal it's named after.