Jackpot Darts - Information About Jackpot Darts Progressive Game

There's nothing ordinary when it comes to Jackpot Darts. It is a progressive game found in Playtech online casinos, but it isn't a table game. It's also definitely not a slot machine, though it does share one important similarity in its use of an RNG (random number generator) to determine outcomes. Jackpot Darts falls into the least common category of games found in online casinos, the arcade games. These games simulate non-casino games, often appearing like games of skill, but they really boil down to wagering on what outcome the player thinks will occur.

In Jackpot Darts, it's a simulated game of darts. A regulation dart board like the kind one would find at a local pub appears on the screen, and the game “throws” three darts at it in each round. Players bet on how many darts will hit certain scoring zones on the board, with higher payouts occurring for less likely throws. The bullseye pays the most, naturally, and if a player bets on the inner bull and all three darts find it, the progressive jackpot is won. Though Jackpot Darts doesn't pay off in seven-digit amounts, the average progressive win has reportedly been around 181,000 British pounds, which isn't too shabby for an unsuspecting game like this.

Because of its unique nature, Jackpot Darts is definitely a niche game that won't necessarily be found in all Playtech casinos. Some places where it can be played are William Hill Casino, Betfair Casino and bet365 Casino, all of which are large online gambling sites with a wide variety of games on hand. Jackpot Darts is certainly a break from the norm and could make a refreshing change of pace for people looking for a little different way to go for a progressive jackpot win.