Millionaires Club - Information About Millionaires Club Progressive Slots

Millionaires Club is really two different online slot machines, both of which feature progressive jackpots. The older version is designed to resemble a classic physical machine, sporting only three reels and a single payline. Fans of more modern games may prefer the five reel variant that has nine paylines. For both versions, the goal is to have the Millionaires Club symbol show up enough times to initiate the bonus round, where the best possible outcome is taking home the progressive jackpot. The Millionaires Club symbol also can serve as a nice consolation prize in the five reel game, as it serves as a scatter bonus when it appears less than five times.

The bonus rounds have some differences between the two versions, but both of them have three wheels with credit amounts or arrows. Spinning an arrow on the first or second wheel advances to a spin on the next one, and the third wheel is where the progressive jackpot resides. The reset value for the progressive pool is 175,000 credits, it averages a winner at a rate of roughly one every eleven months, and it's been known to surpass 1 million credits between hits.

Millionaires Club was created by Cryptologic, a company that tends to put its games in online casinos that also carry games from other developers. That means you can't find it simply by identifying a “Cryptologic casino,” though it is a well-loved game that can be found in many places. Some of these include Unibet Casino, Sky Vegas, InterCasino, Casino Joy and Caesars Casino. Be sure to try out both versions were available to find the one that suits your style the best.