Types of Progressive Jackpot Games - Slots, Blackjack, Video Poker and More

When it comes to progressive jackpot games, the first thing that will pop into most players' minds is slots. That's because slot machines have a long history of having progressive jackpot features, and some of the larger wins have generated quite a bit of publicity. Slots also naturally lend themselves to be linked together in progressive pools, whether it is in banks of machines in a physical casino or via the internet in groups of online casinos. They're also intuitive for new players, as the amount deducted from each wager taken to feed the progressive jackpot simply goes in without any action on their parts.

Closely related to slots are video poker machines, some of which can also be found with progressive jackpots for most of the same reasons. On these games, the best possible combination of cards, usually a royal flush with no wild cards, is necessary to win, and then only if the player has wagered the maximum amount. The lower payout hands are reduced to compensate, so people are effectively playing simply for the chance to go for the progressive jackpot in many cases. As with slots, the contribution from each wager is added without any special effort from the player.

It's a slightly different story when it comes to blackjack games with progressive jackpots. These games are like normal blackjack tables in most respects and played the same way, with the exception of a special betting circle or area that is specifically for the progressive pool. A minimal bet is needed to qualify (perhaps $1 on a $10 minimum table), and the player wins only with a specific, extremely rare combination of cards. In some cases, players can win smaller, fixed amounts by completing parts of the necessary sequence or coming close. For example, a seven-card 21 may win the whole jackpot, while a six-card 21 pays a fixed award.

Even more rare are other table games with progressive jackpots, though they do exist. Some poker style table games have bonus bets like blackjack, with the jackpots growing based on the same method of player participation. Microgaming has even devised a roulette game with a progressive jackpot that pays out only if a wagered number comes up on the wheel on five consecutive spins, though it does pay lesser amounts for two, three or four straight hits as well.